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How We Help: Air Freight

Air freight is the transportation of goods by air, typically through commercial or cargo airlines. It involves the movement of cargo in various forms, including pallets, containers, and packages to different destinations around the world. Air freight is a popular option for businesses that need to transport goods quickly and efficiently over long distances. It is often used for high-value or time-sensitive goods, such as perishable products, electronics, pharmaceuticals, and automotive parts.

Air freight can be arranged through a freight forwarder or logistics provider, who manages the entire transportation process, from booking the shipment to coordinating the delivery. The cost of air freight is generally higher than other modes of transport, such as sea or road, but it offers faster delivery times and greater security for valuable or sensitive goods

Air freight can be categorized into different types based on the characteristics of the goods being transported, the urgency of delivery, and the mode of transportation. Here are some common types of air freight:

  1. General cargo: This includes various types of goods that are not perishable or hazardous and can be transported in standard air cargo containers or pallets.

  2. Perishable goods: These are time-sensitive goods such as fresh produce, flowers, and pharmaceuticals that require temperature-controlled transport and special handling.

  3. Hazardous materials: These are goods that are dangerous or potentially harmful, such as chemicals, batteries, and explosives. They require strict regulations for handling and transportation.

  4. Oversized and overweight cargo: These are goods that are too large or heavy to be transported in standard air cargo containers or pallets. They require special equipment and handling procedures.

  5. Express delivery: This is a type of air freight service that guarantees the delivery of time-sensitive packages within a short period, usually within 24-48 hours.

What is Air Freight?